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ECOnomic development,
ECOsystem MOdifications,
and emerging infectious diseases
Risk Evaluation

The participants in the Working Group Organized in November 2015 in Phnom Penh designed a game to be displayed in pediatric waiting rooms of sentinel hospitals; this game shows to the young children good practices to control Aedes density at home and to decrease biting. During one week, the epidemiologist of ECOMORE team, visited again all sentinel sites (8) to present and distribute the final version of the game and she can see the high interest of the youngest…for playing. It is expected that this educational and recreational tool can raise some awareness among children and their parents when the nurse takes short time to demonstrate how to use the game.

ECOMORE, the project acronym means "Economic Development, Ecosystem Changes, and Emerging Infectious Diseases Risks Evaluation". Indeed, this ambitious Project aims to guide Economic development initiatives in 4 countries belonging to the Southeast Asia Region: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The core of this project is to better understand anthropogenic ecological changes responsible for the emergence of infectious diseases and to measure the health risks for local communities as a result of improvement of surveillance systems and strengthening of national and regional cooperation.

Steering Committee in Yangon November 2015