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ECOnomic development,
ECOsystem MOdifications,
and emerging infectious diseases
Risk Evaluation

The NHL organized the 3rd Working Group on 01st June 2016. During this meeting Dr P.Dussart (IPC) and Dr San Mya (NHL) presented the preliminary results of the 2-year study conducted on SARI in Yangon Children Hospital and Yankin Children Hospital. Dr de Lauzanne, pediatrician and Dr Inghammar, infectious diseases specialist, have animated the debate with the pediatricians who participated in the project to review and discuss the complex clinical cases for which the set of analysis performed by NHL has provided an evident support for the diagnosis and the management of the treatment… read more

ECOMORE, the project acronym means "Economic Development, Ecosystem Changes, and Emerging Infectious Diseases Risks Evaluation". Indeed, this ambitious Project aims to guide Economic development initiatives in 4 countries belonging to the Southeast Asia Region: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The core of this project is to better understand anthropogenic ecological changes responsible for the emergence of infectious diseases and to measure the health risks for local communities as a result of improvement of surveillance systems and strengthening of national and regional cooperation.

Steering Committee in Yangon November 2015